Summary of the Steering Committee

The CAiSe proposal by Klaus Pohl for  helding CAiSE in Essen in 2017 has been approved.

The CAiSe proposal by Marlon Dumas for  helding CAiSE in Tallin in 2018 has been approved.

The SC will review the membership rules for the SC after the first six years.

PhD award from Springer established.

A balance between new workshop and previously held ones has to be maintained. Workshop organizers should interact.


Book: 25 years of CAiSE

Interested in a collection of papers on Information Systems Engineering and the current evlolution and trends in the field?

See the book

Seminal contributions on Information Systems Engineering

25 years of CAiSE

edited by J. Bubenko, J. Krogstie, O. Pastor, B. Pernici, A. Solvberg

Check it out on Springer

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